1business ethics is the application of

Becker Ethics in Human Resources: Ethical dilemmas in business concern four major areas:

1business ethics is the application of

Monday, 17 January Application of Kantian Ethics to Business Ethics In this video I explore how Kantian ethics can be applied to business and consumers; employees and employers; business and globalisation; and business and the environment. Implying that firms cannot exploit consumers and employees for profit and profit should be used to satisfy all stakeholders.

Kantian ethics follows the Stakeholder theory which is supported by Havard Business School. Kant saw business enterprises as moral communities which is further support to the view that employees and consumers should be treated with care and respected. Employees are also expected to work in a democratic manner i.


Employees should also not give or accept bribes or engage in any similar activity e. There are two crucial practical application of Kantian Ethics in respect to the relationship between employees and employers.

The first is that contracts cannot be broken and must be fulfilled. This is because if contracts were allowed to be dismantled on a universal scale havoc would be caused.

This protects employees as in theory redundancies should not be allowed but now they are written in contracts! The second is that a scheme called Open Book Management and it has been popular among firms. This supports views held by Kantian ethics as it every so often is a way of informing employees on a one-to-one basis on their progress, career opportunities etc.

1business ethics is the application of

This shows that Kant himself had no problem with fees. Kant explains this more clearly with his greengrocer example. However, grocer A utilizes this price because this is the market price but grocer B charges this price so the consumer does not go to grocer A.

The later grocer would be doing an immoral thing because he is using the consumers as a means to an end.

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This makes sense when we explore the relationship between business and the environment. Businesses should follow environmental law as this is something that can be universalised. So basically businesses need to use the environment in moderation due to the universalisability principle.

Kant would disagree with businesses using cheap labour abroad in countries like India and China. The first reason is that the point of using cheap labour is to cut costs and maximise profits and Kant said you cannot use these workers as a means to an end. Furthermore, they should be treated equally to workers in the UK.

It can be conceived, that duty and goodwill gets rid of problems of globalisation!

Game Theory and Ethics (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Strengths The stakeholder approach is supported by Havard Business School which demonstrates the practicality. The idea that there is nothing wrong with fees and that Kantian ethics can be applied through schemes like Open Book management make the theory practical.

It talks about the grocers and their motivation but if you are a monopoly or a similar market structure how can you arrive at a fair price?

It is a bit vague at times.

1business ethics is the application of

Posted by komilla at László Zsolnai: 1Business Ethics Center, BUESPA, H Budapest, Veres Pálné u. 36, Hungary Society and Economy, , vol. 25, issue 2, Abstract: Business activities considerably affect the fate and survival of natural ecosystems as well as the .

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nature and scope of business ethics Ethics is that branch of philosophy which is concerned with the rightness or wrongness, goodness, badness of human conduct ethics provides the basis for deciding that a particular action is morally good and bad.

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Our mission is to provide a forum in which moral, legal, empirical, and philosophical issues of business ethics . The system of moral and ethical beliefs that guides the values, behaviors and decisions of a business organization and the individuals within that organization is known as business ethics.

(based on Business Ethics text Chapter 1; tied to course competencies 3 and 4) Philosophy is the study and analysis of deeply problematic and fundamental questions for example the nature of reality and existential questions.

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