An introduction to the many reasons for working at nasa

Antarctic ice loss has tripled sinceNASA researchers internet Melting ice sheets and glaciers — attributable to global warming — is with out doubt one of many foremost reasons sea level is rising across the globe. Sea level rises an moderate of. This will have substantial ramifications in coastal areas, comparable to Houston and Galveston.

An introduction to the many reasons for working at nasa

Dick, NASA Chief Historian Fifty years after its founding, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration arguably leads the world in exploration, standing on the shoulders of a long line of explorers throughout history.

Its astronauts have circled the world, walked on the moon, piloted the first winged spacecraft, and constructed the International Space Station.

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Its robotic spacecraft have studied Earth, visited all the planets and soon the dwarf planet Plutoimaged the universe at many wavelengths, and peered back to the beginnings of time.

How did an agency with such varied accomplishments come into existence? Following World War II, the United States was in direct competition with the Soviet Union the superpower that in disbanded into several sovereign nations including the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, the Ukraine, etc.

Technology was one means of measuring success and projecting power, and nothing was more powerful than the intercontinental ballistic missiles ICBMs being developed in the wake of World War II to deliver warheads.

Passing overhead with its faint radio signal as people watched and listened, the pound satellite was a powerful symbol.

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Though a small spacecraft weighing only 30 pounds, it discovered what are now known as the Van Allen radiation belts, named for the University of Iowa scientist Dr. James Van Allen, launching the new discipline of space science. After a protracted debate over military versus civilian control of space, the act inaugurated a new civilian agency designated the National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA.

The agency began operations on Oct. It quickly incorporated other organizations or parts of themnotably the space science group of the Naval Research Laboratory that formed the core of the new Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.

Within months of its creation, NASA began to conduct space missions, and over the last 50 years has undertaken spectacular programs in human spaceflight, robotic spaceflight, and aeronautics research.

In addition to its headquarters in Washington, D. The first era can be broadly termed the Apollo moon race era. The suborbital flights of Alan Shepard and Gus Grissom inthe first orbital flight of John Glenn inand the subsequent one-man flights of project Mercury proved that humans could survive in space.

During this heady period, the astronauts became a new breed of national hero, admired for their courage and dedication to exploring the new frontier of space.

An introduction to the many reasons for working at nasa

The two-man Gemini flights of demonstrated that humans could fly in space, undertake complex rendezvous and docking operations, and even leave the spacecraft for extra-vehicular activity EVA. All of this activity during the early s was in the service of the Apollo program to land humans on the moon.

For sheer excitement it was hard to beat, as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set down on the lunar surface with seconds of fuel to spare. For one day the world seemed united, as hundreds of millions around the world watched with fascination.

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Five more flights landed on the moon, culminating with the flight of Apollo 17 in December In all, 12 men walked on the surface of the moon, and including their time in the lunar excursion module, spent just a few minutes less than hours on the lunar surface.

The societal effect of the Apollo program was profound, no more so than in its view of Earth from the moon.How to Work with NASA.

An introduction to the many reasons for working at nasa

NASA works with industry in many ways, from collaborations and partnerships to licensing agreements and contracts. Here is guidance on how to license NASA-patented technologies. Many other reasons could help to justify space exploration.

Numerous spin-offs (that is, unforeseen benefits to technology that arise from the development of solutions for the space program) have more than saved the money invested in years of research. However, no single reason can justify by itself a return to the Moon or any further exploration.

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The assumption that they, a celebrity, is not a “common. NASA’s mission to extend human presence beyond LEO is work deserving of a nation that expects to remain the global leader in space exploration. EXPLORATION IMPERATIVE SINCE THE DECADAL SURVEY Much has changed since the decadal survey.

Aug 14,  · The many-eyed Earth watcher. Do a crossword and see 3-D pictures of Earth from space! play; Why is the sky blue?

Learn the answer and impress your friends! NASA’s Climate Kids website brings climate science to life with fun games, interactive features and exciting articles.

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Working for NASA. Our Centers. What We Do NASA Workforce Map. Click to Begin: Ask Our Employees Our employees have numerous reasons why they chose to work for NASA. For some insights about what it is like to work in our Nation's Space Program, select one of our employees below.

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