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Her expertise in research and teaching, as well as her clinical work, is shoulder rehabilitation in general, and scapular involvement in shoulder pathology and sports rehabilitation in particular. She developed several research lines in shoulder rehabilitation, including EMG analysis of scapular muscle recruitment, 3D-analysis of scapular behavior, injury prevention screening protocols for musculoskeletal adaptations in overhead athletes, and clinical studies in the area of shoulder rehabilitation. She has published numerous papers in peer-reviewed international journals, writes contributions and chapters in several international recognized books, and gives courses on a national and international level.

Cools papers

Senators are appointed positions of immense prestige, but restricted political power, that can be held until the seat holder reaches the age of As senator of the province of Ontario, Cools papers has become somewhat infamous in Canada for her conservative social values, which often put her at odds with her original party, the Liberals.

Cools is a naturalized citizen of Canada who came to the country from her native Barbados when she was 13 years old. She was born on the Caribbean island, a British colonial possession in the West IndiesCools papers August 12,and grew up in a household that valued education and political service; both a grandfather and her uncle were active in the political life on the island.

Her father was a pharmacist. When Cools was four years old, two of her five siblings—the next oldest and next youngest to her—died from peritonitis, an inflammation of the stomach cavity that can prove fatal if infection takes hold. After a two-week standoff, the university computers were vandalized, which prompted police to storm the building and make dozens of arrests.

Cools papers

Though the damage took place in a different room from the one Cools occupied, she was one of eight black protesters found guilty by a court and served four months in prison.

She took a job as executive director of Women in Transition Inc. The shelter was struggling financially when she took over, and "the first thing I had to do was persuade the staff to continue working in order to keep the place alive," Cools recalled in an interview with Chatelaine journalist Donna Laframboise.

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They accepted her proposal to work without paychecks for six months until new sources of funding were found, and the shelter soon regained its footing.

Demand was so high for its services that Cools also found funding and won board approval to open a second shelter in During this period Cools was also teaching sociology part-time at various area colleges, including the University of Toronto and Ryerson Polytechnical Institute.

Cools papers

She also became active in the Liberal Party of Canada, the more left-leaning of the two main political parties that dominated the national political scene. Inshe attempted to win a seat in the Canadian House of Commonsthe lower house of parliament, in a by-election to fill the seat for the riding, or electoral district, of Rosedale in Toronto.

In two subsequent general elections, however, Cools won party support for her candidacy in and general elections, but failed to win the Rosedale seat.

The senators may remain in office until they reach the mandatory retirement age of Cools made history in Canada as the first black ever to be appointed to the body. She became somewhat infamous for her long, digressive speeches, which quoted from sources that ranged from Sigmund Freudthe founder of modern psychiatry, to nineteenth-century British novelist Charles Dickens.

Conservative Party of Canada. Montreal, Quebec, social worker, late s; Women in Transition Inc. With her solid, professional background in domestic-violence issues, Cools defended herself in two lengthy Senate speeches later that month.

In each, she cited reams of recent data on the probability of male children from single-parent homes becoming abusers later in life, and also noted the overall results from child maltreatment cases investigated by social-service agencies.

When abuse or neglect occurred, children carried that legacy into adulthood, she argued. Absolute terror grips them…. The amendments were introduced as Bill C and included a new rule that would compel the noncustodial parent to pay child support, regardless of his or her financial status, and regardless of the household-income level of the custodial parent.

Another change would have dramatically increased the penalties and fines levied by courts on those accused of nonpayment of child support; at the same time, the new proposals offered little remedy to noncustodial parents who were denied court-ordered visitation by the other parent.

Oftentimes, a noncustodial parent would withhold child support payments in order to force the other parent to reinstate visiting rights. It was approved in a House of Commons vote and moved to the Senate.

In January of it went into debate by the Senate justice committee, and Cools voted against the clauses she believed were unfair. If they do, then the law better start encouraging parents to cooperate with each other, even if they are getting divorced.

The committee held contentious hearings and issued its recommendations in a December of report titled "For the Sake of the Children. Committed to Social Conservative Causes Cools also broke with her party over a law establishing a national firearms registry, siding with more conservative politicians that the registry was unfair to law-abiding Canadians who were also gun owners, and was a vocal opponent of a movement to legalize same-sex marriage in Canada, which went into effect in By then Cools had left the party altogether, joining the Conservative Tory Party of Canada—the successor to the Progressive Conservatives—but remained a maverick in that party as well.

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She was barred from her committee duties after questioning a new government accountability bill in the fall ofand in June of was ousted from the Tory caucus, or designated party seating on the Senate floor, after making accusations that two fellow senators had grabbed and assaulted her.Anne Cools made Canadian history in when she became the first black ever to serve in her country's Senate, the upper house of parliament.

Senators are appointed positions of immense prestige, but restricted political power, that can be held until the seat holder reaches the age of As. The January transfer window has closed over a week ago but that has not stopped speculation surrounding many players’ futures.

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