Coon hunting

Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon. Another popular coon hunting light involves mounting the light on your scope. Using a simple clamp that fastens to your scope body, you can readily install a hunting light.

Coon hunting

E-mail I spent a little time with my neighbors, removing a couple stumps today. As I stepped in to take a turn Coon hunting chopping out the stumps, I Coon hunting what comes natural to me, I started talking. Some of you may not know this, but I come from a line of preachers, politicians, and used-car salesman.

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So talking, and telling stories, is just part of my nature. Both of my neighbors know how country I am, and they, too, have deep country roots. So I retold a few stories from one of my favorite story tellers, Jerry Clower.

Jerry Clower was well known in country circles, telling humorous tales regarding life in the rural South as if some of the South was NOT rural! His stories were mostly told about life in Mississippi, where he was born, and most of them included the Ledbetter family — the quintessential Southern, agrarian clan which includes whose members include Uncle Versie, and Aunt Pet, and they children Ardel, Burnel, Raynel, W.

Some of the subjects included possums, racoons, okra, hunting, working, being poor, and getting by. Most of the things he spoke of were part of my life as a kid growing up in West Virginia. I really liked Jerry Clower. I fondly think back of spending nights with my buddy Bob, his cousin Charlie, and their fathers, running coon hounds trying to get raccoons for their hides.

We would usually climb to a high point overlooking a larger valley to be able to hear as far as possible in the event the dogs would range too far.

Coon hunting

On the REALLY cold nights, usually before a big storm blowing up, we might settle into a low gap between two high points, as these tended to be a little more sheltered and would provide, not so much warmth, but less brutal cold.

There is a surreal feeling that you get on a moonless night, cold creeping down the collar of your neck as you wait for the dogs to strike a trail. The older, more experienced hunters in our group would run commentary on what they thought was happening, down to particular trees that may end up being the final stop.

Yes, they grew up in these woods, any tree a coon would climb up to get away, they knew about.

Coon hunting

We were in touch with out Primal Side, the caveman within us…. It was a glorious time for me as a young man to be included in this, what I now consider a rite of passage.

It was a fabulous time, and something I miss a lot. This leads me to my favorite story told by Mr. Jerry Clower had a way with words, something I appreciate, both for his ability to entertain, as well as his ability to do so in a family friendly manner. He was a good man.How to Pick Your Coon Hunting Light.

Face it, your coon hunting gear just isn’t complete without an LED headlamp! Efficient and super-bright, LED headlamps can also come with red or green lights that work well for preserving night vision. Find great deals on eBay for coon hunting light. Shop with confidence. Iowa State Coon Hunters Association.

likes. Dedicated to ensuring the right to free cast hounds and hunt at night in the state of Iowa. Become a. Coon Hunting. 14, likes · 32 talking about this. Anything Coon Hunting, dogs, equipment, pictures, videos, anything you'd like!

Buy and sell dogs and. "Okay, who has had the least riding experience?" Doc Bryant yelled over the noise of excited dogs and people. Since everyone immediately looked at me, Doc unloaded Lee, or Granny, since she was the oldest mule, and led her up to me. Welcome to the official site of the Georgia Federation of Coon Hunters.

The GFCH was established to promote the sport of coon hunting and bring hunters together from across the state.

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