Creative writing and photography

The not-so-secret happy byproduct of taking good photographs is that you get to grow your powers of observing and inferring, of storytelling, and of communicating itself. The photographs we take tell the world how we look at it, which in turn tells the world who we are. A student who is fluent in storytelling with his smartphone camera is one who can be fluent with his pen.

Creative writing and photography

As part of our collaboration with the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness, we also awarded The Jo Cox Poetry Prize for the poem which best addressed the issue of loneliness. During the past four years we have received nearly 2, entries to our competition from experienced writers and photographers and from people who have shared the ups and downs of their caring roles for the first time.

Seamus Heaney In caring too uplifting moments of joy and rewards can often be surprising and unexpected alongside alongside moments of pain, sadness and difficulty. It is the element of the unexpected that links the world of caring so closely with the world of the writer.

But look what stories there are to tell about the experience, what reward and learning there is to be had from a poem that condenses into a few words, the true essence of caring.

In these poems and stories you will encounter the unexpected joys, and difficulties that arise when the course of our lives and the lives of those we care for, take on turns we were not prepared for - which they do, and they will.

It is a poem about love, about the need for closeness, a poem which manages to be both directly and indirectly about the caring experience but above all it is a poem about the importance of human relationships and how we leave our mark.

creative writing and photography

The poem is beautifully lyrical, seduces us with its playful childhood references and then takes the ground from under our feet.

You will be charmed, surprised and changed by the reading of this poem. So many of the entries this year were deserving of prizes.

I am continually impressed by the range and volume of stories submitted to this competition - to write a complete story that can transport the reader, hold their attention and leave a lasting impression in words or less is an enormously difficult task for any writer. There were so many strong entries this year.

In the end there were three that rose to the top for me, each for very different reasons. The story places us Up there with the Gods on the 19th floor of a municipal building and inside the heads of the old couple.

It is the kind of story that, in the moment of reading it, absolutely delivers that sense of lift, joy and the unexpected reward Seamus Heaney was referring to. The winning and four highly commended poems for the first ever Jo Cox Poetry Prize are also Included in this anthology. In my own experience, says Catherine, poetry has rescued me.

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What others are saying. Pictures and photographs implicitly convey a narrative—and that makes them ideal writing prompts for generating new short story ideas. You can use a picture as a writing prompt in a solo exercise or with a class or writing group.

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