Graduate project for finance major

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Graduate project for finance major

Course Requirements 52 units of coursework are required for the degree.

Graduate project for finance major

All courses must be at the graduate level. In exceptional circumstances a maximum of four units of series coursework may be applied to the course requirements.

The curriculum consists of four components: The core courses, which consist of 48 units from Management category, provide the skills, theoretical and applied, that students need to work in the area of quantitative finance.

The financial institution seminars present finance practitioners who discuss such topics as the opportunities available to graduates of the program, the skills needed to succeed in financial engineering, and emerging changes in the financial world.

Admission Requirements

The four-unit summer internship, Management L, provides students with either research or practical experience applying their financial engineering knowledge in a real-world setting, strengthening their competitive position in the marketplace upon graduation. The fieldwork course Management L does not apply toward the unit requirement.

The four-unit applied finance project, Management N, is designed to provide in-depth exposure to at least one major task that graduates will be expected to perform in the workplace.

Teaching Experience Field Experience Summer internship required.

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The summer quarter is the primary time to satisfy this requirement; however, internships may be pursued during the Spring or Fall terms. Students should expect to devote at least hours during the term to their internship, and should be prepared to provide regular activity reports to their faculty advisor.

Students considering research positions may also discuss their plans with the M. Evaluation may consist of any combination of written or oral presentations.

Degree Requirements

Comprehensive Examination Plan The comprehensive examination requirement is fulfilled by successful completion of the applied finance project. This project is designed to provide an in-depth exposure to at least one major task students will be expected to fulfill in the workplace.

Graduate project for finance major

The project will develop or utilize existing quantitative finance tools and techniques. The faculty member who supervises the project and two other faculty members appointed by the faculty program director are responsible for evaluating the project.Majors and Minors.

The role of undergraduate majors in the curriculum is to ensure that all graduates have experienced the challenges and rewards of studying an academic discipline or interdisciplinary subject in considerable depth.

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