How to write a press release email subject

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How to write a press release email subject

But a funny thing happened on the way to the inverted pyramid. To be blunt, it practically got kicked to the promotional curb. The same can be said about a press release.

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You may have the most compelling, well-written small business press release. You can refer to the PR Toolkit for small business to find examples of good and bad press releases.

Over the last few years public relations professionals have learned from online marketers the true value of subject lines. This is because email marketers have for years sharpened their skills at finding out which buttons to push in getting people to open emails, ultimately driving them to online stores where all kinds of incentives and promotions captivated the wallets of the visitor.

Public relations is now living in this digital neighborhood and the small business press release is jockeying for the largest house on the street. There are two simple rules to live by when coming up with your press release subject line: Especially in a hour news cycle we thirst for the next talking head to go on television and debate an issue that affects people.

In addition to that, the second subject line makes reference to a popular Kris Allen song currently being played on the radio that can also be read to mean people need to make changes to their lives.

Here are a few additional tips to help you collect your thoughts before sending out your first small business press release: Reporters are familiar with the way their headlines are developed.

When reporters receive more than one email with a catchy subject line and good content, they start to notice. You want to be creative. You want to be catchy.

The 3 Best Ways to Write a Press Release (with Example)

You want to grab their attention. You need to give reporters a reason why they should work on your story now, not later, because as we all know, later rarely ever happens. You had success with your first press release. They both have to be catchy, attention-grabbing, and also tease us a little about what the story is all about.

John Sternal John Sternal is a public relations professional with an eye for finding a news angle for just about any type of company or product. From mundane items like wallboard to exciting products like consumer electronics gadgets, he works with companies to identify the right dialogue to get their company in the national media spotlight.

John has also had client articles published in dozens of industry journals and magazines. John is the co-founder of UnderstandingMarketing. For more tips on how to write a great press release subject line download the PR Toolkit for small business.A quick final word regarding the difference between an email subject line and your actual press release headline (which we’ll cover in a later post): Don’t stress over making sure they’re the same or different.

Writing a specific, concise and interesting email subject line is the only way to make the cut. Think of the subject line-headline-lead paragraph connection as an inverted pyramid. Keep subject lines between five and seven words and choose the one most important takeaways from the release to include in it.

For sake of simplicity we categorised email pitches that have the words “press release” in the subject “labeled”. What do the numbers say?

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The entire PR sector is screaming for measurement and KPI’s. A quick final word regarding the difference between an email subject line and your actual press release headline (which we’ll cover in a later post): Don’t stress over making sure they’re the same or different.

The subject line of your email is the most important part of the message, and it can make or break your email publicity campaign.

A good subject line will give the editor an instant feel for what your press release is about, so she can decide if your story offers a good fit. There is always debate about what makes a great subject line, but it definitely needs to be concise, free of spam words, and engaging to .

For the purpose of our study, the subject is "labeled" if the email subject line had the word "Press Release" in it.

how to write a press release email subject

What do the numbers say? We crunched the data (click and open rates) of over 1 million email pitches and got these results.

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