Mixing in the food industry

The McCain brothers had a simple philosophy 'Good ethics is good business'. It is not just the food that is good.

Mixing in the food industry

Stages of buttermaking in the food processor, and bowl. The cream will go through the following stages: Sloshy, frothy, soft whipped cream, firm whipped cream, coarse whipped cream. Then, suddenly, the cream will seize, its smooth shape will collapse, and the whirring will change to sloshing.

The butter is now fine grained bits of butter in buttermilk, and a few seconds later, a glob of yellowish butter will separate from milky buttermilk. You can eat the butter now -- it has a light taste -- though it will store better if you wash and work it.

Discard wash water and repeat until the wash water is clear. Now, work butter to remove suspended water. Continue working, pouring out the water occasionally, until most of the water is removed.

The butter is now ready. Put butter in a butter crock, ramekins, or roll in waxy freezer paper. About half as much butter as the amount of cream you started with.

Mixing in the food industry

Salt to taste before working, a few pinches. Try calling your state Department of Agriculture, and asking the Milk Control office who sells vat pasteurized cream.

Shake in a jar instead of a food processor. Shake about once a second. Add a marble to speed things up. This is fun with kids, but expect it to take between minutes, depending on the shaking.

Culture the cream before churning. It should taste delicious, slightly sour, with no aftertaste. If it is bubbly, or smells yeasty or gassy, discard.

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Use some butter making tools, such as a churn, paddle for working, or molds for forming the finished butter.UDC professional paper ISSN (FTB) Local Mixing Intensity Measurements for the Food Industry and Biotechnology Juris Vanags and Uldis Viesturs* Latvian State Institute of Wood.

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Mixing in the food industry

Mixing is a fundamental unit operation in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food process industries. Mixing increases the homogeneity of a system by reducing non-uniformity or gradients in composition, properties or temperature.

Jul 18,  · In connection with The Mixing Bowl’s “FOOD IT: Fork to Farm” event, held on June 27th in Mountain View, CA, Brita Rosenheim has released an updated version of her Food . Mixing Equipment and Applications. in the Food Industry A White Paper Prepared By Charles Ross & Son Company Ross White Paper: Mixing Equipment and Applications in the Food Industry Page 2 .

Oct 23,  · I am a Partner at the Mixing Bowl, fostering the adoption of IT innovation in food and agriculture, and an investor in the sector through Better Food Ventures.

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