New years writing activity for middle school

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New years writing activity for middle school

I hope you are enjoying this holiday break. I know I have not been the greatest at updating this blog, but one of my resolutions is to do a better job of sharing my teaching resources, classroom activities, and ideas with you. One activity you can share with your students when you go back to school is this free download of New Year Activities.

It includes four different activities and one that can be used for a new school year or new class if you have a new group of students at semester or in the fall.

Free lesson plans and resources for grades 5-8 by Liz LaRosa

The first activity is a basic printable for writing a resolution. The second activity is a list-writing goal-setting activity with a twist.

The third activity is an acrostic poem-writing activity, but instead of using letters, the numbers or words for are used to begin each line. Students should start each line with the words Two, Zero, One, and Two though they may use the actual numbers, it would just be read "Two Students can write an nontraditional acrostic and use the words in the middle of the line, as well.

When it comes to poetry, anything goes!

new years writing activity for middle school

The fourth activity involves a scavenger hunt for the students to find things in the classroom. It involves some critical and even creative thinking on their part.

new years writing activity for middle school

Feel free to tweak it to work for you and your classroom. The last activity is a generic writing prompt for the start of the new year. It can be used for a back-to-school activity, when you have a new group of students, or any new year.

I hope you enjoy these activities!

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But even veteran teachers can benefit from the plentiful ideas, examples, and tips on teaching sicence the way middle-schoolers learn best. Use this classroom activity involving writing to help your students make their New Year’s Resolutions this year.

K News, Lessons & Shared Resources By Teachers, For Teachers New Year’s Resolution Classroom Activity. By. By Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D. It almost goes without saying that middle school is the most challenging level of instruction in K education.

Children younger than middle school age tend to be more respectful of authority, and students older than middle school .

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New Year’s Resolution Classroom Activity