Peter carey american dreams

His reputation is due largely to his adoption of various styles and disregard for traditional modes of Australian fiction, which Patrick White once described as "the dreary dun-coloured offspring of journalistic realism. Yet he has succeeded in making his work accessible to a wide audience both at home and overseas by writing in a simple, straightforward, but engaging manner.

Peter carey american dreams

Mr Gleason 4 2.

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Phonsey Joy and Herb Gravney 5 3. Introduction This seminar paper consists of two main parts: Description of the short story 2.

Option 2 Short Stories. Through a close critical reading of Peter Carey's story 'American Dreams' on pp. in the Anthology, A World of Difference, consider how the story's focus on themes of. This seminar paper consists of two main parts: (1) a short description of the writing style, setting and main characters of the short story titled "American Dreams" by Peter Carey and (2) a Pages: Feb 02,  · Mr. Gleason, a 'small meek man with rimless glasses', is the title character of this particular short story but the largest impact he has on his small country town only surfaces after his death.

The narrator is an actual character of the story although not the protagonist and seems to be credible and reliable, giving a truthful and non-selective account of his opinion and inner thoughts.

He presents the story from a first-person view, but often uses the inclusive plural pronoun we which creates the impression that he can speak for the whole town, for "all eight hundred of us" Carey The narrator seems to understand and comprehend the thoughts and opinions of most of the townspeople e.

Although characters are sometimes characterized directly e. Just standing there, catching her breath" [Carey ].

Peter carey american dreams

He also refrains from using unnecessarily difficult vocabulary. Dialogues are often presented in direct speech which makes the story more realistic and lively.

Setting The story is set in a provincial and quiet town in an unnamed country. There are, however, some hints in the story that make it very likely that the country is Australia.

Peter carey american dreams

Firstly, the narrator speaks of "American dollars" Carey which could be a hint that the local currency is also dollar, otherwise it would not be necessary to specify it since everybody knows that Americans pay in American dollars. Secondly, in the story the minister for tourism visits the town and Australia is one of the countries which have a minister for tourism.

And thirdly, the story is written in British English, which is also typical for Australia. Finally, the story mentions "Bald Hill" e. These locations in fact do really exist however the railway station has meanwhile been closed and are located in the immediate vicinity of the town of Bacchus Marsh in Victoria, Australia see "Agricultural Farm"; Waugh vol.

There are also some hints about the timeframe of the story. On page the actors "Kim Novak" and "Rock Hudson" are mentioned, who were most popular between the mid s and the s "Kim Novak" ch.

The story also mentions that coloured paint became available which nicely fits to the fact that in the s synthetic emulsion paints were developed Dredge In the story, the townspeople do not really appreciate their town although "[t]he hills are green[,] the woods thick[, and t]he stream […] full of fish" Instead it is merely used "as nothing more than a stopping place" Carey and described as "not where [they] would rather be" Carey The narrator The now adult narrator tells the story about Mr Gleason and his model of the town.The Drive - CHWK FM, Chilliwack Webplayer.

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