Road safety in rainy season

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Road safety in rainy season

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Follow me Twice a year the Thai government publicize the full daily statistics for road accidents. These are for the New Year and Songkran holidays.

This is partly due to large numbers of people travelling, but also because so many people seem to think that it is alright to drink and drive.

The New Year holiday is usually only five days and the dangerous days are these plus one on each end.

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However, this year, people took off two extra days to make a nine day holiday. This meant that many people headed upcountry a week early.

Road safety in rainy season

I really hoped that this would mean that daily deaths would be down this year. Unfortunately, that was no so. The following are the daily statistics. The figure last year was Most accidents happened on straight roads Most people killed or injured were less than 20 years old Tuesday 30th December Causes of most accidents were drink driving Most accidents involved motorcycles Thursday 1st January Sunday 4th January On the sixth day, 42 people were killed and injured in road accidents.

Province with the highest number of deaths was Uttaradit 5 deaths. Monday 5th January On the sixth day, 40 people were killed and injured in road accidents. The most dangerous province for accidents was Surat Thani.After the crash - the emotional battle ‌ If you’re involved in a road crash, chances are the biggest challenge will not always be your physical recovery.

How to Go on Ice and Snow. An illustrated guide that offers tips to become a safer and more efficient driver in adverse weather conditions. Also provided is information on vehicle systems, driver preparation, winter driving techniques — maximizing traction, maintaining safe following distance and changing speed smoothly — and additional hints and precautions helpful to drivers of front.

Road safety in rainy season

In Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai, it rains very frequently (almost every day) during the rainy season, though it rarely rains all day.

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