Science fair project for 4th grade

Thursday, February 16, Here are some possible questions you could use: Will chilling an onion before cutting it keep you from crying? What type of plastic wrap best prevents evaporation? Do all brands of paper towels pick up the same amount of liquid?

Science fair project for 4th grade

But at the same time those projects also must show some real benefits for their life, something they can learn and apply in their daily activity.

The perfect science fair project that will serve those purposes is tooth decay experiment. In this experiment, the fourth graders not only can have a good time with the materials, but they can also learn to pick their beverages more carefully. Goals The main goal of this experiment is to show the students that some of their favorite beverages contain acid that can rot their teeth in the long run.

Forbidding them from drinking their favorite soda might make them angry and confuse. But showing them what can happen to their teeth from consuming those beverages might make them realize something.

Eggshell has very similar composition with our teeth, so it can be used for this project.

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But if you can find sterilized teeth with good conditions from your local dentist, the experiment will be more authentic. Soda, energy drink sugar water, juice, water, and any liquid you want to show your children or students.

Containers for the beverages. Empty the eggshells with needles. Soak the eggshells in each of the beverages for seven days. You can make your students to take note everyday or just wait until the seventh day.

At the seventh day, look at the results and compare it with the initial conditions The procedure is easy and the materials can be found anywhere with cheap price. But the result of the experiment can show them how dangerous sweet beverages are for them. Sweet beverages, ultimately ones with soda have high acid level that can have corrosive effect for our teeth.

From this experiment, the students will see that the eggshell soaked in the soda will have the most decay, and the one soaked in water hardly decays at all.

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Ask them to make their own conclusion from this experiment. Sweet beverages are really bad for their teeth. Although this experiment is not new, it is timeless. Every children must learn how to take care of their teeth and fourth grade is the perfect time to start it. Fourth graders are still easily tempted by sweet and unhealthy beverages.

But at the same time, they are also old enough to start taking care of their body. If you want to teach your students or children to take care of their teeth in a fun way, tooth decay experiment is the perfect fourth grade science fair projects.The Science Fair has become a competitive sport and well-coached kids increase their odds of success.

This blog is designed to help parents, teachers, and other mentors become better coaches for students wanting to successfully compete in a Science Fair. The Education Office at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has released a video series designed to take teachers, students, and parents through the process of crafting a science fair project.

Sep 08,  · How to Do A Fourth Grade Science Project – Pleasant to help the blog, on this time period We’ll provide you with with regards to how to do a fourth grade science projectAnd after this, here is the initial impression: how to do a fourth grade science project New Covington Science Fair.

4th Grade Science fair Projects

Hi, I have a 5th grade daughter who has a science fair project. she wants to do it which brand has the most unpopped kernels.

I know to have 3 trials of each brand, which she is doing a generic, mid brand, and a popular brand. Here's a list of over 30 Science Fair ideas to get you started.

Science fair project for 4th grade

Then download science experiments, and watch experiment videos to inspire your project. Once you have your data, you will need to present it to your teacher and science fair judges. In a science publication, you would choose between a table and a graph, but for the science fair project it is acceptable, and even encouraged, to .

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