Smoking peer pressure

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Smoking peer pressure

Tweet on Twitter Smoking peer pressure seems harmless. Most people think that smoking weed leaves you with the giggles and the munchies. There are actually serious psychiatric effects that can be induced by smoking weed.

Marijuana is considered the gateway drug. The media even publicizes smoking weed as harmless, fun, and has celebrity endorsements from Seth Rogan, Snoop Dogg, and Willy Nelson.

Smoking peer pressure

In Smoking peer pressure school, I like most other kids wanted nothing more than to fit in. The cool kids went to the parties, got the girls, and seemed to know everyone.

They seemed to share one thing in common other than the fact that they hung out together and wore J Crew. They all smoked weed. My junior year of high school I played lacrosse and went to a lacrosse party.

There was a circle of about 8 guys there who were all smoking weed. I remembered in middle school I promised my D. E counselor that I would not smoke weed. The peer pressure was strong for me to join them. They started chanting my name and after a few minutes I joined them, I was already drunk at the time so my inhibitions and sense of morality was compromised.

We had a guest house without a code where my sister stayed but she was out of town for the weekend so I crawled into her bed and passed out. I awoke in a pile of throw up.

I threw up in my sleep. My dad walked in and was startled to say the least. We had a long walk and conversation about what had happened the night before and I told him straight up what I had done.

Was it the drug that was doing this to me? I thought this stuff was supposed to be non-addictive. Why did I have this urge that was so strong?

Prevalence of Peer Pressure

Was it the peer pressure? All of my life I wanted to fit in with the cool kids. Maybe this was my chance. The peer pressure was to strong. I wanted to fit in and the very next weekend I was at another social gathering and I smoked weed again.

It seemed so very harmless. Who would have known that it fueled my drug addiction and led me down a dark path? Marijuana is not as harmless as everyone makes it out to be. There is a direct link between smoking marijuana and drug induced psychosis.

When I was smoking I would feel paranoid effects. There was a negative voice in my head that would judge myself and those around me. Conversation became difficult because I had to think a lot harder before I spoke. It gave me unnecessary filters that later trapped me in my own body.

It made me brain dead. Even after these staggering effects marijuana is still popularized in the media. Rap lyrics indicate the harmlessness of smoking.

Lyrics such as "smoke weed every day" and "weed and brews" make it seem like it is awesome to smoke weed. Rihanna was recently seen wearing a 5 leaf clover, marijuana, t-shirt. What type of example is that for young girls? Try going to a psych ward for marijuana related effects and then tell me how awesome you feel.Parents’ smoking behavior influences their teens’ decisions about cigarette use throughout high school, a new study suggests.

Peer pressure to smoke is greater during middle school than high school, according to researchers at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California.

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Peer pressure is a major reason why teens begin to smoke. Learn how you can work to overcome peer pressure and to keep your teen from smoking. Peer pressure makes them feel they are being pulled in two directions.

When it comes to smoking cigarettes, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services noted the rate among teens that have three or more friends who smoke is 10 times higher than those that reported none of their friends smoke.

Don’t pressure others. Watch out for any subtle forms of pressure you may be exerting. Speak out! Fight peer pressure by taking the side of the underdog. Supporting others’ opinions will send the message that you think for yourself. Watch your moods.

Be aware that your moods can affect your sensibility.


Evaluate your friendships. As many smokers will easily recall, the social pressure to smoke began in their teens when peer pressure was so easy to bow to. At that time their circle of friends was generally quite limited and usually that circle was restricted to school or college friends.

Often whoever aspired to be the leader.

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