The debate over the rights of internet usage

No -- students should learn how to handle the Internet as it is. The debate continues no solution in sight.

The debate over the rights of internet usage

Pro When children access the internet on large publicly visible screens in safe and public surroundings, The net can be their most beneficial friend. Groups of children can learn almost anything by themselves using the internet.

My worthy opponent might suggest that the internet is full of rubbish and that children will learn incorrect things from it but does he have proof?

The debate over the rights of internet usage

Does he have evidence? NO When children work in groups they invariably find the right answers. This is because they interact with each other and quickly correct erroneous notions. At last I would like to say that internet is like a blessing in disguise and you have to find the right usage and implement it.

Report this Argument Con You stated yourself that i won't have proof that the internet can be incorrect and full of rubbish, But im sorry to say i do have evidence.

The internet is created for people to add on facts and help people. The public can add on facts especially on places like wikepidia. This will tell the children fake news and therefore not helping the childs brain develope. You say that it needs the right usage.

What if a child doesnt know the right usage and searches up inappropiate searches. My first point is that hackers can illegally damage websites which may effect the child.

Peodofiles can use the internet to approach children, How is this a good thing. This round has not been posted yet.This is known as a debate over copynorms. Particularly to the background of uploading content to internet platforms and the digital exchange of original work, there is discussion about the copyright aspects of downloading and streaming, the copyright aspects of hyperlinking and framing.

The Internet Safety Debate. Yes -- it's OK to filter Internet content in schools. No -- students should learn how to handle the Internet as it is.

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The debate over the rights of internet usage

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I am talking about use and misuse/abuse of the internet.


These days most persons are misusing the internet instead of using it productively. They waste time on social networking sites.

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