Was oedipus a coward

But coming to misdoubt his parentage, Oedipus journeyed to Delphi to seek the truth; and when the god declared that he should slay his own father and marry his own mother, he sought to flee such a fate and betake himself far from the land wherein he thought his father and his mother dwelt. But it befell as the god had said: But when the truth stood revealed, his mother-wife hung herself, and Oedipus stabbed his eyes that they might not look on the misery he had wrought. And it came to pass that his sons, who ruled in his stead alternately, each the space of a year, treated him sore ill, so he cursed them and declared they should divide their inheritance by the sword.

Was oedipus a coward

Oedipus Rex You are here: English Classic Tragic Hero: Everything a reader could ask for is included in this play. There is excitement, suspense, happiness, sorrow, and much more. Truth is the main theme of the play. Oedipus cannot accept the truth as it comes to him or even where it comes from.

Was oedipus a coward

He is blinded in his own life, trying to ignore the truth of his life. Oedipus will find out that truth is truth, it is rock solid.

The story is mainly about a young man named Oedipus who is trying to find out more knowledge than he can handle. The story starts off by telling us that Oedipus has seen his moira, his fate, and finds out that in the future he will end up killing his father and marrying his mother.

Was oedipus a coward

Thinking that his mother and father were Polybos and Merope, the only parents he knew, he ran away from home and went far away so he could change his fate and not end up harming his family. Oedipus is a very healthy person with a strong willed mind who will never give up until he gets what he wants.

Unfortunately, in this story these will not be good trait to have. Oedipus goes on with his journey not knowing about what he is going to do next. Oedipus runs into some people at a crossing on this journey and quarrels with them to there death. After this, he goes along to a city named Thebes where he outsmarted a beast that was cursing the city.

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He received praise and joy. While gaining the trust of all that lived there he quickly became King of Thebes. The people loved him because he was such a great leader.

He was such a great king because he had a lot of love for his people and would do anything in his power to make them happy. As a result of this, Oedipus finds out that the city is in trouble unless the killer of their late king is found and punished.

Little does Oedipus know that he is the killer of their late King or that the King was actually his father.

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Oedipus will strive for answers even though he has been warned not to dig to deep, for he will regret it. Being the stubborn person that he was, he forced everyone to tell what they knew about the Kings death.

Forcing and forcing more, the King found out all about his childhood. He ended up with different parents after his mother abandoned him at birth because of the Oracle that they received telling them that there son would end up killing his father, which he did anyway.

Oedipus was found to be guilty of killing the late King, also his father. His mother, now his wife, was proof that you cannot change fate no matter what you do.

In disgust, Oedipus physically blinded himself so he can never see what he has done again and banishes himself from civilization forever.The Sissy Villain, as his name would suggest, is a man whose heart is as twisted as his wrist is limp. Due to social stigmas against male femininity and "unmanliness", there's a strong tendency in fiction to assign effeminate traits to villains: flamboyant mannerisms, delicate voices, light builds, prissiness, femininely pretty looks, grandiloquent speeches, giggling, love for poetry and opera.

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