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The economic benefits gained from joint classes and the need to secure equality for women in industrial, professional, and political activities have influenced the spread of coeducation.

Write an article on co-educational meaning

From until his death inJudde was the sole governor of the school, and, at some time, he framed the statutes that were to govern it for the next years. On Judde's death, the school was passed to the Skinners' Company, after a dispute with Judde's business partner Henry Fisher.

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For the next hundred years few details of the school survive apart from rare records in the Skinners' Company books. Headmaster Proctor died inand was succeeded by a series of headmasters, usually clergy and always classical scholars.

According to the Skinners' records, the Revd Michael Jenkins —24 was appointed because "he was the only one who turned up". During his time as headmaster, the school received a series of generous endowments from Thomas Smythethe first governor of the East India Company and son of Andrew Judde's daughter Alice.

Numbers fluctuated between 40 and 90, and the school obtained a new refectory and a new library. However, from numbers declined, and for a few years the examiners reported that there were no candidates fit for university study.

He was an immediate success and very popular, and by numbers had risen to over seventy. The governors raised Spencer's salary to 30 guineas, and several of his pupils went on to successful careers.

The first Old Tonbridgian dinner was held on 8 June The year before this, however, Spencer had resigned, and the headmastership was bestowed upon the Reverend James Cawthorn.

Cawthorn persuaded the governors to build a new library at the south end of the school inand it survives today as the headmaster's house and the Skinners' Library.

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Inthe townspeople of Tonbridge asked the question of free education, and governors' legal team decided that the parishioners' children, provided they could write competently and read Latin and English perfectly, had the right to learn at the school paying only the sixpence entry fee.

Inclassical scholar Vicesimus Knox was made headmaster, but he reigned for a mere six years.

write an article on co-educational meaning

During his tenure, numbers dropped to only seventeen. His son and namesake, Vicesimus Knoxwas to take his father's place in School numbers under the young Knox rose to 85, and pupils began to arrive from all over England and also from abroad.

The period of Knox's headmastership was one of national economic and political change, but at the school the greatest change was to be the increasing importance of cricket. John Abercrombie was to become the school's first cricket blue for Cambridge in Ina nationwide commission visited Tonbridge to investigate on behalf of the reforming government.

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Over the next few years, a new scheme for the school was prepared and approved by the Lord Chancellor. New buildings were agreed upon by the governors, and a new dining room and dormitories were built.

The school also bought the Georgian building on the High Street to the north of the new junior school, and it was renamed Judde House. This was the school's second boarding house, with the original buildings serving to house boys of the larger School House. Inthe governors bought the field which now contains the Head cricket ground, and the patches to the north and south of it, later to be called the Upper and Lower Hundreds.

InKnox took the decision to level the Head, a considerable project, using labour and earth from the new railway workings in the town. The labourers often engaged in fights with the boys, as they were lodged nearby.check your vocabulary for english for theexamination a workbook for students by rawdon wyatt peter collin publishing.

Coeducation definition is - the education of both male and female students at the same institution. How to use coeducation in a sentence. the education of both male and female students at the same institution. Jeppe High School for Boys is a public secondary school is located in Kensington, a suburb of Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, one of the 23 Milner Schools..

The school's motto is the Latin Forti nihil difficilius, meaning "Nothing is too difficult for the brave", also translated as "For the brave, nothing is too difficult".Jeppe High School for Boys is the oldest known school in Johannesburg.

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This article describes about the advantages and disadvantages of co education. Read to know the advantages and disadvantages of co-education. In the modern times, co-educational system is prevalent in Europe and USA. In India also, now-a-days more and more co-educational schools and colleges are being established.

Write detailed comment. A Comparative Study of Students' Level of English Language Anxiety in Single Sex and Co-educational Schools Researchers interviewed students to try to determine their opinion on which is the better physical education class: either coeducational class or non-coed classes.

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