Writing abc dotted lines to trace

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Writing abc dotted lines to trace

The students look through and find the ones that they know how to do or the ones that they want to try. Almost all of the activities were made using the File Folder teacher resource books. A few were made using graphics software, and some were made using Ellison die-cuts.


We have a central mailbox in which each student has their own mail slot. The desk is stocked with scrap paper, stamps, and cards. The mailbox is made from a wine box that I covered with contac paper and set on its side.

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The dividers that are built into the box to keep the bottles from breaking make perfect mail slots for us. Right now we have the 3 Billy Goats Gruff up there. I photocopy blackline pictures onto cardstock and have the aide color them with markers. To make them stick to the flannelboard, I hotglue pieces of sandpaper to the back of them.

The manipulatives can be used on the flannelboard.

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The resistance of the chalk on the board is good for those students who have poor fine motor skills. The magnetic chalkboard has a large piece of wood that you put across it to hold the Big Books. The wood has two small pegs to hold the book.

You can move or remove the wood as you please since it is held on by a magnetic strip. She also suggested having the usual pointers to use, but adding other aspects to the Center as well, such as finding sight words in the book and highlighting them with highlighter tape see Teacher Tips for alternative to commercial highlighter tape.

You can also add a writing aspect by having them make a list of sight words that they find, or write about their favorite part of the book. This Center can be for two students. Model with them how one can use the pointer while the other turns the pages.

The following picture shows one of the activities that I made a couple of summers ago to use in the Centers. I bought a small sun shaped notepad and using the Print Artist graphics program, I made the graphics to go along with each letter of the alphabet.

On one page of the pad I wrote the letter, on another page I glued the picture. Everything was then laminated. The students match the letter to the picture that begins with that sound. I had the TA cut oval shapes from colored construction paper using the Ellison machine.

To make the ovals the right size, we used the center only of the capital "O". There are 8 ovals each of about 5 different colors. Once they were laminated, we added a small piece of magnetic tape to the back of each oval and placed them in a labeled ziploc bag.

Then alphabetizes the words in each color group. Will add picture later So many Center ideas are listed there. Cut out all the color words letters from the appropriate color construction paper using the Ellison machine.Title: Cursive Alphabet Practice Author: T.

writing abc dotted lines to trace

Smith Publishing Subject: Trace the cursive letters of the alphabet, lower and upper case Keywords: cursive handwriting The Teaching of Reading & Spelling Starting from Square One. I hope your child will benefit from our free printables for preschool handwriting practice uppercase letters.

writing abc dotted lines to trace

I made these to help my son begin writing his uppercase letters — they allow the child to build confidence as they begin printing letters on their own. "Become a pro at drawing diagonal lines in preparation for writing your ABC's by tracing the streams of rain drops surrounding the frog prince in the picture!" "Preschool worksheets help your little one develop early learning skills.

He can trace the letters fairly well on those little dotted line worksheets. He is doing very well in other areas, and has already mastered the independent sounds of about letters but I am wondering if I should be worried about the writing part.

Unit 1 Skills Workbook Kindergarten Core Knowledge Language Arts® • • Skills Strand. Unit 1 of reading and writing using a phonics approach. As part of this Please have your child trace the dotted horizontal lines on the front and back of this worksheet, starting at the stars and moving to the right.

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